"Farewell Roumelia" popular TV series in Turkey

"Farewell Roumelia" popular TV series in Turkey

MIA Daily Newsletter/Macedonian Information Agency
Date: December 17, 2007

"Farewell Roumelia" popular TV series in Turkey
The 13th episode of "Farewell Roumelia" TV series is shot in the
village of Makovo, Bitola that is very popular in Turkey. Mixed
technical and acting teams from Turkey and Macedonia are engaged in the
project. The 80-minute continuation of the story on last days of the
Ottoman Empire in the Balkans at the end of the 19th century is being
shown on Turkish ATV television.

The story revolves over the period when the Ottoman Empire loses its
domination in the Balkans and its break-up after 500 years of governance
is felt by the people living in these areas, who are of mixed ethnic
composition. The tragedy of the Empire and its demise turn into a new
beginning for the lead character in the serial. The story is set near
Bitola and follows the life of a poor Turkish peasant - milkman Ramiz,
and his family. As the Ottoman Empire retreats from the Balkans, Ramiz
is forced to leave the areas of Roumelia and move away.

The cast includes Erdal Ozjacilal, Sebnem Sonmez, Gulcin Santirociolu,
Hande Subasi, Filiz Ahmet, Tuna Orhan and others. Tarkan Karlidag and
Vladimir Anastasov are the producers. The stage design is by Alican
Jaras, Ozge Efendiolu, Nurhan Evren Sit and Muran Levent. Jusuf Guven is
the director of photography, and Radmila I. Atanasovska is the costume

"Farewell Roumelia" has high ratings in Turkey and is among the five
most viewed among 80 series broadcasted there. Itâ€*s up to the interest
and how many episodes will be shot. It is certain that they will work by
the end of season in April when 35 episodes will be finished and most
likely in September the second season with new 39 episodes will be
continued, the director Serdar Akar said.

The producer Tarkan Karlidag said that institutions and Macedonian
citizens have positive attitude towards us and are open for cooperation
underlying that they have technical support both from municipality of
Bitola and the Ministry of Culture.




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