Hidden Macedonia (Armchair Traveler) (Armchair Traveler) by Christopher Deliso (Author)

Hidden Macedonia (Armchair Traveler) (Armchair Traveler) by Christopher Deliso (Author)
11 January 2008

Book "Hidden Macedonia" by Christopher Deliso available at Macedonian market

After London's promotion in cooperation with Traveler Book Shops, book "Hidden Macedonia" by American professor and travel writer in Lonely Planet, Christopher Deliso is available at the Macedonian market starting this month, announced "Matica" club.

The book is an important work, which opens new window of Macedonia to the world. It is filled with mystique and exotic, presenting Macedonia in a true way and in real time with all its glitter and beauty.

Christopher Deliso is an American travel writer and journalist, who lives in Macedonia, and researches the Balkan and Mediterranean Europe. Works as a travel writer at multinational tourist company "Lonely Planet" for Macedonia and Greece. Acquired PhD in Byzantine studies at Oxford University. Published stories in several world media, newspapers and magazines.

The tectonic lakes of Macedonia, Ohrid and Prespa, are among he most ancient and enthralling in the world, abundant in rare wildlife and the seat of mediaeval kingdoms, richly endowed with sacred shrines, mysteries and watery legends. In this unprecedented account of a circular summertime journey tracing the lakeshore through three countries, Greece, Albania and the Republic of Macedonia, the author seeks out the spirit of the lakes through encounters with fishermen, philosophers, archaeologists and snakes. Penetrating the surface of everyday life and also revealing the deep historical wounds and controversies that still manifest in this long-coveted land, this heartfelt travelogue is also an evocative and at times riotously funny chronicle of travels in one of the most stunning and historically significant areas in Europe- one that remains, however, still largely to be discovered.

About the Author
Christopher Deliso is an American travel writer and journalist based in Skopje, Macedonia, who has been exploring and living in the Balkans and Mediterranean Europe for almost a decade. He has published numerous travel articles in newspapers, magazines and web sites around the world and also writes for Lonely Planet on the Balkans and Greece. He also directs the Balkan-interest online magazine. He holds an MPhil with Honours in Byzantine Studies from Oxford University.




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